Backup Storage Solution is the Backbone of Cloud Storage

The notion of Cloud Storage was originally sowed in early 1960 but it was introduced in 2006 by Amazon Web Services. The means of Storing data in an Enterprise have been changed over few decades. These changes of storage had been seen because of intensifying corporate digital data and their stipulate for more storage at least cost with least maintenance.

With more and more digitization taking place in every industry the thirst for more space for data storage is raising, which cannot be sufficed by traditional means of storage. This is where the demand for Cloud Storage has increased. Cloud Storage not just only provides storage but it also provides the backup of data which can be retrieved at any time when required.

The factor that led the adoption of Cloud Storage to boost are the technologies like Big Data, the adoption of Mobility in an Enterprises, digitization in almost every sector and the demand of storage at cheap cost from the SMBs. Today most of the Enterprises have already adopted the Cloud Storage and because of the low cost and less IT investment the trend is shifting towards Mid-Small Size Companies. Because of the Security reasons the sectors like BFSI are deploying Private based Cloud Storage or nowadays some have even adopted Hybrid based Cloud Storage. Public based Cloud storage is prominent among the Mid-Small Size Companies.

According to the recent research by ResearchFox Consulting Pvt. Ltd, among the Cloud Storage solutions, Backup Cloud Storage has the highest percentage of adoption. It has been observed that most of the organizations are worried about their data loss and by adopting Backup Cloud Storage they are not just storing data in the cloud but also making the option for Disaster Recovery. Currently, Primary storage of data on Cloud is hesitating Enterprise to adopt Primary Cloud Storage solution because of the latency issues clutched with it but with the introduction of Cloud Storage Gateway solution the latency issue is resolved.

Gradually the knowledge among the enterprises is increasing regarding the advantages of deploying Cloud Storage solution. It has been analyzed that the Cloud Storage Market has huge demand in the regions like APJ and Europe, but the major concern in adopting Cloud based storage in these regions is the location of Database Server and the ownership of data. Because of this reason most of the big players are implementing their Database Server globally, so that they can store the Clients data near to their location to avoid the matter of data leak beyond their geographies.

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