A Brand is All About Human Perception

Perception occurs from numerous point of view, communication is only one approach to perceive something. The difference between perception and communication is: Perception is the abstract inclination that comes as a result of the objective communication.

Communication is objective, while perception is emotional. Perception depends on various factors such as background of the individual, psyche, economic and social factors and a tons of others. Despite of the fact that the brand communicates the same values to the target segment, the values are perceived differently based on various factors of an individual. For example: a school girl on her way to school is given a Tropicana fruit juice on a daily basis by her mom. As the girl grows up, she will be biased loyalty to Tropicana, though there are better brands available in the market. So, it is not about the objective value of the drink but it is about the emotions attached to the drink that the girl perceives in Tropicana fruit juice.

A Brand strategist understands the perception of its target audience and thus makes the audience perceive what he wanted to perceive and brings out an emotion in them. For example: The Kit- Kat chocolate, in Japan Kit- Kat means “Good Luck”. So the Japanese kids felt that the Kit- Kat chocolate brings good luck to them and it became the ritual to eat Kit- Kat before an exam and in India Kit- Kat has positioned itself as anytime snack with its campaigning “Have a break, have a Kit- Kat”.

Some consumers response very quickly, whenever they hear the word ‘Sale’ from the specific Brand of their choice and thus it generate an urge to visit the store even if the people have no specific need during the time. The consumers starts associating with the brand name or product with certain perception after experiencing product or the brand. For Example: Neutrogena with purity and clear skin, Volvo with safety. What matters is that, the brand makes the people feel and thus the people start associating with the brand and a brand identity is created in their mind.


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