E- commerce: Psychology Behind Cart Abandonment

E-commerce Cart Abandonments is the situation when online customers add items to the shopping basket and then leave the website before completing the purchase. Thus, it directly impacts on purchase conversions. Cart Abandonments can be calculated as 1- (number of completed transactions/ number of carts created). Various studies had revealed that, on an average cart abandonment is much higher on mobile because users use carts to shortlist items than on the desktop thus businesses and freelancers are turning into email marketing automation and SMS marketing to tackle the issue.

Ecommerce is enjoying spectacular growth however it is not at the pinnacle of what it could be, with three- fourth of shopping basket abandon, on average. The following reasons can be remedied by understanding the psychology of the customer as to why, the customer abandon their shopping basket:

Unexpected shipping cost - causes an immediate annoyance and irritation. Thus, the above problem can be addressed by bundling the extra cost of shipping into the product and offer ‘Free Shipping’ to the customer.

Creating new user account- Spending more time and effort than expected is the significant source of disappointment.

‘Offer guest checkout’ option can help the new users to spend less time and effort to purchase and retained back.

Conducting research to buy later- It includes looking into price, quality, shipping date and special offers. Customers even add items, to a cart for the reference of items.

A price match or quality, money- back offer guarantee pop –up can ensure the customer for the instant purchase.

Shopping basket will be abandoned as long as E- commerce exists. Thus abandonments rates can be changed and conversions rate can be improved, by:

  • Improving the trustworthiness of the website
  • Solving the usability problems
  • Improving the long and complicated checkout process.
  • Ensuring the security measures
  • Upgrading the delivery and other extra charges


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