Implementation of Adaptive Learning Technology in Corporates and Educational Industry

Does your School, Institute or company use traditional learning techniques and you find difficult to understand many concepts? Then, there is a happy news for you as learning is going to be most interactive, fun and adaptive in the coming years. Schools, Institutes and companies around the world are trying their best to implement Adaptive Leaning Technology with a vision of making learning more interesting. Adaptive Learning Technology is one of the most impactful learning technology approaches in 2019. It is an online training method which provides a personalized learning experience for the learner of different kinds. Learning is made more interactive, fun and understandable which is inspiring students of the future. Educational Institues and companies are performing a number of reasearch on the learning techniques and there are a number of algorithms developed and implemented in the software frequently. For example, addition of two number 2+3 or 1+4 gives the same answer 5, answers are determined in two different ways which is correct. People learn in different ways some watch videos, some learn through text, notes and audios available in hand and some people adapt to classroom training given but still there are hand full of people who do not understand the concept because the learner has different skill set or mastery on that subject. Using the same old method of teaching is not going to work anymore.

Understanding that there is an inefficiency in the old trianing methods, corporates and educational institutes are giving priorities in implementing the Adaptive Learning Technology to fulfill there trianing needs effeciently. The technology have two types of implementation which are On-Permise and Cloud based. The corporate sector are vastly benefited with the implementation of adaptive learning technology as, it gives productive and resourceful learners back to Business. The time spent by the learner to enhance their skill is eventually given back to the business in a skillful way. Secondly the learner is made sure of mastering the skill, it eventually looks at how an employee is proficient or not in the training function.   The question-based nature of the Adaptive Learning Technology collects the data and analysis the answers thoroughly and determines where the learner or the group of learners are facing problem. Using an Adaptive learning technology, the trainer can easily identify where the employee needs help, the adaptive learning technology clearly determines the employee knowledge state on what he is mastered and what he is ready to learn. The software constantly updates the knowledge state of the employee based on the answers. The trainer as a group gets a deep insight on which topic the team needs more help and determines his training objective for better outcomes. Adaptive Learning technology makes the learning so much engaging and challenges the learner each time they master a topic and that increases their confidence. If the learning is so much engaging, then imagine the amount of productivity that’s going to drive the business. The employees and students can have the freedom to learn the subject on demand whenever they find time either during weekends, project breaks or even after office hours. It gives Instance feedback on a real time basis so that the student if facing difficulties in understanding during the course can eventually seek help of the skillful tutors available online.

Currently Traditional learning centers all over the globe is trying to adapt the Adaptive learning technology since it is much effective and efficient. It throughout helps the teachers and the students achieve their educational goals and mastering the subject and moreover it gives a personalized learning experience. In terms of implementation, the cost of Adaptive Learning is high currently. However, Educations Institutes and companies are making investments in adaptive learning to reduce educational restrictions globally and provide efficient productive learning experience. Many countries such as North America and Europe have implemented Adapting Learning techniques whereas some countries are still experimenting as it have a great scope in the coming next years.

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