Leadership Crunch: Have we stopped to produce enough leaders?

The country has managed to produce innumerable managers over the past one decade or so.  Thanks to the liberalization policies of the Indian Education System, it has boosted the mushrooming of large number of colleges, especially the professional institutes. With the 1991 economic reforms in the country, the nation had opened its gates for foreign investments. Multinational corporations had invested in the land and subsequently the Indian companies had seen this as an opportunity for growth. This required a colossal number of potential resources to handle its businesses. And that has given birth to a large number of quality managers country-wide. But the question arises, have we been able to produce corporate leaders or did we somehow manage to generate just managers?   May be the second part of the question answers my confusion!

If we look into the Indian business ecosystem, we would find managers scattered all around but you could finger count the number of young corporate leaders building economic institutions from scratch in true sense. If you just take a pause and look back and see through the second half of 1900’s in India, you will find the birth of conglomerate like Reliance Industries; outsourcing giants TCS, Infosys, Wipro Technologies and  Mindtree along with the banking majors  like Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and the telecom stars like Bharti Airtel. All these have been the mastermind of great Indian thought leaders. If you deep-dive further, you would notice that only a few of them had management degrees with them at the time they opened their shops. Now, this gives birth to one another question - Have the today's management institutes (except the premier ones) made people to think like managers and has stopped to produce quality leaders? The question remains un-answered and may require a deeper thought.

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