Market Research is an industry that takes ages to adapt to new changes, but it saw the smoothest transition in Quarantine Times.  Market Research has been built by knowledge sources and with great expertise. A huge collaboration of brand marketing, market research agencies, data collection, scripting, data processing and transcription teams, etc.

The critical and time-consuming process being the data collection. For all these years face to face methodology was the most preferred mode of data collection, about a decade ago data collection instrument was upgraded from Pen & Paper to Tablets. However, the interviewers were still the key part of interface with respondents’ due critical activities like screening, pantry check etc. Somehow Online research never gained its required popularity in India like other geographies as India has a huge population and people here do not mind communicating in person. This advantage that we had about the Indian Consumer became a huge disadvantage during the COVID-19 period as people hesitated to communicate with strangers. This was the case much before lockdown was imposed, after lockdown we could not even attempt face to face methodology.

Thanks to the foresight of our team showed, we were able to transform Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies to online modes. Just when the awareness about Pandemic was still starting during February- 2020 we started our In-Depth Interviews through Video Calls. By March 2020 most of our Quantitative Data Collection was happening through Online Panels. Having proven our success in first few months more clients approached us with similar requirements. The latest developments include Online Dairies while Indians are locked up in home, they show the same enthusiasm to participate in research. We have respondents regularly participating in online discussions and video recording their thoughts and sharing with us. This has proven to be more efficient than noting down the activity in dairies because the videos capture the emotions and we can connect to respondent’s sentiments. The data quality is much better and in case of Quantitative assignments respondents are happy to upload relevant pictures voluntarily. This proves the respondents are genuine and have participated in research actively. The days of worrying about respondent fatigue is gone finally, we can provide insightful analysis. Please reach out to us for any online research requirements or for further discussion how can transform your research requirement into online methodology.

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