Start-up Optimization Opportunities During Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic have brought life on the planet to a standstill affecting local businesses, start-ups and to a good extent the revenue of big corporates. As the number of cases rose, stringent lockdown measures were ordered and human activities came to a halt. With scarce cash reserves and stalled client projects in the service sector, the start-up ecosystem suffered immensely. The cascading effect was seen in the loss of jobs and salaries for the predominantly young Indian workforce and shutting down of several business operations sowed the seed to a growing start-up community. 

In the meantime, there are several home-grown start-ups who have found precedence. Health-tech, Robotics start-ups, start-ups in the field of assistive and preventive equipment and devices are those that are riding the wave of relevance. The single minded goal of the hour resonates well with the market for these endeavours. Products that can sterilize PPE kits, masks, groceries and essential items have been listed in government websites. This encourages safe reusability, financial optimization and reduce development of plastic based items. There are products developed to sanitise large areas like hospitals, residence and government offices. The ecosystem also has developed products to track movements, detect anomalies and develop contactless business services with the help of AI based real time analytics using computer vision, Bluetooth technologies etc.

What about the start-ups and companies in the sectors predominantly affected by the pandemic situation? Companies that were flourishing in the ‘Before Covid’ era, with products and services in Logistics and Tourism sectors, took massive hits to their revenues. Consumer or B2C business faced decline in business than B2B which nevertheless were hit by huge setbacks. During such a slowdown period, checking the feasibility of the business models will bring closure to the question of how to assess the situation. The businesses will have to evaluate the models in terms of sales and markets to target in their quest for revenue optimization.

By understanding and analysing consumer insights ResearchFox will help the businesses to create strategies that are reflective of the market environment. Customer relationship analysis and market intelligence help to understand the potential opportunities offered by markets and how they could leverage the market research findings to maximize their business gains and justify the investments in the market. We at ResearchFox help to research, identify, and select target samples for a series of interactions to help evaluate the market potential over a couple of weeks of an intense business development tour. The tour helps to identify market opportunity and its size along with establishing a potential partners/customer contact. ResearchFox also help several start-ups in availing investments intelligence by studying and creating comprehensive investor profiles.

As a solution, ResearchFox analyses each and every VC firm to understand their investment patterns and their inclination towards a particular technology or concept or industry.

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