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The automotive industry is on the verge of a massive transformation due to the entry of disruptive new age tech players in the market. The mobility ecosystem is witnessing novel business models to cash on the technology evolution and the changing preferences of the consumer, especially the Millennials. We already are witness to the gradual obsolescence of the conventional ride hailing systems, driven by growth of sharing/on demand economy, where the digital and mobile native startups brought in novel methods to engage the consumer for superior mobility experience. In near future, we are about to witness the change in mobility ecosystem where we would see various forms of value creation using “Mobility as a Service” models.

"Connected Vehicle applications like Telematics is bringing new dimensions to mobility space and transforming the Automobile Industry. Connected mobility is built on Technology, Services and Stakeholders, where we see applications transitioning from basic Navigation to Tracking and Geofencing to Diagnostics and Autonomous Driving; and non-traditional players like Tech Companies, Mobility integrators and Insurance firms find enough value to differentiate and disrupt to thrive in the market"

Due to entry of new suppliers and technology players like Apple and Google in the market, the automotive OEMs are forced to adapt to keep pace with the changes in the ecosystem. Mobility is becoming increasingly a software and services game, where incumbents like BMW, Daimler, GM and Ford are integrating digital tools in the vehicles to reap greater lifetime value delivered to the customer in the form of vehicle maintenance, diagnostics, driver safety and location based services. Uber, Apple and Google are going a notch higher in spearheading the movement of autonomous mobility, where the transportation of the future would see a shift from owning the vehicle to consumption of mobility services, driven by the factors like mobility-on-demand, rise of shared robo taxis, introduction of novel powertrain technologies and supportive mobility infrastructure; all leading to efficient, connected and optimised transportation.

There will be greater value shift favouring new age suppliers, and providers of shared mobility and technology enabled services in the automotive market. There is a transformation happening in the automotive supply chain, as unconventional players enter in the market, and the competition among the traditional suppliers, automotive OEMs and the new suppliers is getting fierce where we see partnerships and acquisitions of Tech suppliers by the automotive OEMs and the traditional Tier I players.

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