The significance of market research in beta testing

Successful product base companies in B2B, B2C and B2B2C sectors, do lot of research and development before product launching into the market. Their success model is to build products with strong user acceptance testing, which includes Alpha and Beta testing. Alpha testing is usually done through the testers within the organizations, whereas beta testing is done through end users or clients.  

The purpose of the beta testing is to identify and resolve critical issues and suggest user experience improvements that are achievable before launching the product. The main goal is to improve the success of the release by providing recommendations, for product improvement with a full perspective of customer experience. A product is ready to move into a continuous improvement phase when typical target-market users are comfortable with the user interface, intuitiveness, loading speed and with other product functions.

So, it is necessary for all the product base companies to have successful beta testing study done. To achieve this, it is recommended to have partnership with an inquisitive research agency to work for you and deliver the insights of the study. There is long flow of steps to be followed to have a proper beta study completed.

  1. Selecting the core target group to participate into the study.
  2. Identifying the potential places to conduct the study.
  3. Qualifying the users to participate into the study based on qualification parameters.
  4. Defining the research phases to complete the study.
  5. Preparing the questionnaire or place holder questions for capturing feedback of the product.
  6. Understanding the length of study to achieve the outcome as desired.
  7. Motivating the users to experience the product and its functions in their daily usage.
  8. Collect insights at all points.
  9. Mapping insights to product improvement recommendations.


We at ResearchFox have completed many such studies helping clients to improve their product at all stages to successfully launch into the market. This involves employing various research methodologies to attain data related to testing a product prototype with a sample of a target audience. Product testing is typically present in every new product development. Our insights and recommendations helped to the product leaders and business leaders to understand whether their product is being liked by the target group or does it need more improvements.

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